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Cup starts 20100201 and ends 20100315
Site is all thanks to Kopaka

Bjorn wins Rambo cup!

2010-03-15 21:27:48 by Ramone
adi won last event and bjorn came 2nd, and that gave bjorn 1 (ONE!) more point in final standings. Congratulations Bjorn! I would also like to thank all who played this cup and I really hope you liked it. Thanks!

Umiz wins!

2010-03-08 20:15:01 by Ramone
Umiz won event by 5 seconds, quite awesome! Last event is out. Go play, might be a tight battle between Bjoern and adi.

Once again...

2010-03-01 20:19:07 by Ramone
...Björn wins. Congratulations! 5th event is out and its a gravity level, enjoy or hate!

Björn won!

2010-02-22 20:11:01 by Ramone
The 3rd event is over, very tight in top2. 4th event is out, and its awesome!


2010-02-15 20:24:20 by Ramone
adi wins 2nd event with huge gap! Also 103 is up. Enjoy!


2010-02-08 20:13:51 by Ramone
Madness took win! go see results!


2010-02-08 18:46:57 by Ramone
...will be posted on #Rambo in ircNet 20:00

First event is here!

2010-02-01 20:47:24 by Ramone
I hope you guys like Rambo101

Page is up!

2010-01-30 22:54:21 by Ramone
First event starts 20100201!